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Oriental Wool Wear

Oriental Wool Wears Ltd

At a glance.

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The Company

The company Oriental Wool Wears Ltd started the journey in 2002. So it has been more than a decade of experience , learning and growing. Now it is a full compliant, international standard state of the art factory, with 1000 machines and 2500 workers. The factory is two stored building of 75000 sq feet space. A big open roof top, surrounding big open field, lot of green trees and big pond situated near by the factory. The Factory has five main exit doors where workers can easily & quickly move out. So considering the present criteria of Accord & Alliance our factory is one of the most attractive one of RMG sector in Bangladesh.

The Group

Oriental group commenced modestly in 1982 in Real Estate business and with prudent entrepreneurship of our prominent Founder Late Mr. Amjad Ali Khan. Now the group has been led by his three competent heirs, Md Rezaul Karim Khan, Md Atiqul Karim Khan and Md Rakibul Karim Khan.

At present, the group has several number of concerns owned private limited companies and entrepreneurs with a substantial turnover. Ours is a dynamic organization always exploring new ideas and avenues to expand and develop further. Oriental Group has assumed the leadership role with its operations not only in infrastructure and Real Estate business but also in many other business sectors.

Brief Company Information of different categories

Various Variable
Annual capacity: 2.5 million pcs
Annual Turn-over: US$ 1.2 million
Total Manpower: 2500
Year of Establishment: 2002
Linking machine Types: Dial Linking machine


Unit No and sets

Flat Knitting machine, 12.gg

700 pcs

Flat Knitting machine, 07.gg

200 pcs

Flat Knitting machine, 05.gg

200 pcs

Auto Placket machine, 07.gg

2 Set

Auto Placket machine, 05.gg

2 Set

Auto 6.needle loopmachine. 05.gg

2 Set

Auto 6.needle loop machine, 07.gg

2 Set

Linking machine Types: Dial Linking machine


Unit No and sets

Dial Linking machine, 18.gg

02. Pcs

Dial Linking machine, 16.gg

30. Pcs

Dial Linking machine, 14.gg

250. Pcs

Dial Linking machine, 12gg

18. Pcs

Dial Linking machine, 08.gg

123. Pcs

Dial Linking machine, 06.gg

37. Pcs

List of All Other Machine Types & there Quantity:


Unit No and sets

Overlock machine

8 pcs

Sweing plan machine

20 pcs

Hole/button.2/4 hole

4 sets

Gas Steam Boiler, Fulton 500 kg

01 pcs

Tube Boiler 500 kg

01 pcs

Airman Diesel Generator, 150 kva

01 pcs

Broad  Crown Diesel Generator, 150 kva

01 pcs

Washing Machine

03 pcs

Structure Machine

03 pcs

Dryer Machine

04 pcs

Vacuum IronTable



Oriental Wool Wears Ltd is a complete sweater Factory , by category. So any garments product which fall under the category "sweater" can be our product.

Men: Men's Pullover, Jersey, Shakers and similar styles
Woman: Ladies cardigan, pullover
Children: Children / infants' pullover / cardigan/school wear in different variation of knitting like Jersey/ shaker/ Rib/ Cable/ Pointal/ Plated/ Pop Corn / Riverse/ Diamond/ Milano and more fancier's styles

Oriental Wool Wear Ltd.

House: 15, Road: 4, Dhanmondi
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone: +880-02-8615398, 8618581, 8629906

Fax: +880-2-9663383